7 Money Making Blog Techniques That Spit Money And Profit

These are 7 simple money making blog techniques that anyone can use to make a couple of dollars online their first couple of days using free blogs and simple money making techniques. I won’t waste your time and I hope you enjoy this simple, but effective information that’s simply making money when put into action!

If you go to Google right now and search for “money making blog techniques” you’ll find about 7-8 million competing pages and odds are that one of the first 10 is an article! Why? Because articles, and blogs rank high in the search engines!

In this article you’ll learn step-by-step a few marketing tricks to increase search engine rankings and make money from your blog using simple optimization tactics, marketing and more…

Tip #1: Correctly Optimize your Blog For The Keyword.

First you’ll want to optimize your site for the keyword you are targeting. In my case “money making blog techniques”. That is a strange, but long-tail keyword and people obviously search for it! If you find a keyword that you didn’t know you ranked for, create a page and optimize it for that keyword. So instead of being, 4th or 5th, you’d be ranked #1 just by optimizing another page. The difference can be huge.

Tip #2: About URLS And Post Slug On Your Blog For Optimization

Now that you’ve optimized your article by using the keyword in the title of the article, as you probably will see above? You’ve also included it a few times in the post to make sure Google and Yahoo knows what this page is all about This is what I like to call “Relevancy 101″. Another thing you’ll notice is the “url” of your article. It’s most likely to include the keyword. That’s now done and you can hopefully see in the URL in your browser that the keyword is right there? Hope so!

Tip #3: Taggin And Pinging

Having a WordPress blog in this situation is killer! You can set up a huge list of ping services and list ping sites that will easily help you get more exposure. You’ll want to set up tags for your articles that you are about to post. This is easily done and the tags are what makes sure you get “found” by technorati and a few other sites that utilize tags to recognize new content online.

As you can see they are all relevant in one way or another. This means that all the words in the tags are on the page somewhere and that means more relevancy for Google and the search engine is more likely to find your article. This also helps boost your rankings for Technorati and all of the other pingservices you are a member of.

Read the rest at http://getrichgeek.com/2008/03/10/26/

Article Source: Christopher Stigson


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