How to submit links to multiple social bookmarking websites

Social markerThere are literally hundreds of social bookmarking websites out there, but only 83 out of them were listed according to pagerank in my previous post. Like I mentioned previously, social bookmarking could be a powerful tool in promoting your blog to wider readers and getting more backlinks. Having said that, the effect of social bookmarking will generally be significant if your links were submitted to many of them. Yeah, it is a tedious work and time consuming. That’s where socialmarker and socializer come in to help you reduce the effort and time consumed.

By using these 2 free services, they allow you to easily submit a single link that will in turn link to several social bookmarking systems.



  1. Hi there,

    If you’re interested in social bookmarking, I’ve just created a free application that automatically generates social bookmarking buttons for your posts.

    It’s called GetSocial and it’s very friendly, dependable and easy to use. Check it out:

    Hillel :)

  2. thank you very much for tlling me about socialmarker.
    Tony Harvey

  3. I used this tool and thought it was very helpful,
    thanks for the tip.

    Tony Harvey

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