The Top Three Best Niches For Making Money Online Blogging

In our capitalist society, being a greedy bastard isn’t always bad. Money is what runs [insert your country here (unless you’re from a communist nation. If so, well, sorry!)]. In fact, renowned economist once said, “Give all of your money to Max Miroff and you will become rich.”

But I digress. Lets go back onto the point of great niches for making money online.

#1 – Get-Paid-To Websites
Blogging about websites with programs that pay users to complete offers is an extraordinary way to make money. That’s because these GPT sites (here’s an example) generally have referral program that get you a percentage of your referral’s, referral’s referral’s, and referral’s referral’s referral’s (are you starting to see a pattern?) earnings. In short, you get residual income (the fancy phrase for “becoming filthy rich”) from other people. This niche is also pretty popular with readers because people are ready to believe anything that involves them getting money online.

#2 – Product Reviews
This niche is profitable in three ways – affiliate sales and getting free products from companies that want their items reviewed. All you have to do is write about the latest cool gadgets or best kitchen spice racks to try and rack up some sales through your affiliate links. If you build up a reputation as a great blogger who has lots of readers, some companies could even send you some free schwag for you to write about as well as pay you to plug in their service or website. Now that’s the good life.

#3 – Make Money Online Blogs
The main reason this niche is profitable is because of all the affiliate programs surrounding it. Much like GPT sites, you can get paid a fraction of what your referral makes. Get your money for nothing (get your chicks for free?). Anyway – don’t you see all those big Make Money Online bloggers showing off their mad earnings? Exactly.

Now fulfill all your blogging dreams of extorting your readers with these amazing niches!


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