Your Blog Sucks and I Got 20 Reasons To Back It Up

Just face it. Your blog sucks and you know it. If any of these reasons below reflect you and your blog, then you might as well stop blogging. Oh, and if you do suck at blogging because of any of the reasons below, well, do something about it!

Your Blog Sucks When…

  1. You have more ads, banners, and/or widgets than you have words that you have written.
  2. Your blog’s color scheme hurts the eyes. Literally.
  3. Your last post was written 3 weeks ago.
  4. Your blog only has one reader everyday: yourself.
  5. Your blog does not offer RSS or email subscriptions.
  6. You blog about making money online, but you have never made a cent.
  7. You waste hours putting random ads everywhere instead of writing content.

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