Blogging For Nothing to Get Started

While getting started on your way to be a money blogger, you’ll have to go through that first really hard and awkward period where you’ll be blogging for absolutely nothing to get known by your competitors and such. The first 2 months are the hardest for any blogger because of the pressure, to make ’some’ money doing what you’re doing and the constant ups and downs in your stats that may discourage you alot. Making money through a blog is much more hard then people give it credit for, although the phrase writing for a living sounds really good but when it really comes to writing things it’s a whole another game.

If you’ve just started a blog and are struggling with writer’s block, unstable traffic/reader count or low serp rates, then its probably time to take some time to focus on what you are doing and what needs to be done. The best way to figure out the weak spot in your plan is to check the following things carefully on your blog;

  1. How many readers do you get added to your feed count per article posted
  2. Which articles get the most views and comments
  3. Which site gets you the most traffic, work on those sites more.
  4. Since spending money while advertising a blog that has just started is against any rules in my book so..You’ll need to do alot (20+) link exchanges with other blogs that are getting traffic. But, you need to keep only the ones that are being updated regularly (every 5 days atleast) and have a good technorati status.

After you have the info desired you can make better decisions, to be honest, content is all that it takes to make or break an earner. In order to constantly grow your blog you would need to research every aspect of your blog’s statistics, and take steps to make your blog bigger and better. Constant strategic development is necessary to get a blog off the ground, to start earning anything you need alot of discipline as well.


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