Building Traffic with Article Marketing

Caught off guard by the iPhone's runaway success, Microsoft's version seemed hurried and not particularly well thought out.

Caught off guard by the iPhone’s runaway success, Microsoft’s version seemed hurried and not particularly well thought out. (

Although it’s been a tried and true strategy for years, it seems that bloggers are now catching on to the benefits of article marketing as the competition for traffic intensifies. For those who may not be familiar with the technique, article marketing involves submitting short articles to directories such as Ezine Articles, with permission for others to republish your work on their blog, website or in their email newsletter. In return, you get one or more links back to the site of your choice.

Article marketing was mentioned in strategy ten of the Viral Copy Report. Since it’s an important part of any traffic-building strategy, article marketing is the focus of my next viral marketing update. An article that hits a nerve can end up republished all over the ‘net, each with a nice back link to your blog or free resource.

This time around, I’ve teamed up with Yaro Starak of Entrepreneur’s Journey. Yaro provides insights into his initial experiences as an article marketer, and his piece serves as a great introduction to the strategy. I follow up with specific tips that can help you get the most out of your article production efforts.

The result is a free 10-page PDF article marketing report. Feel free to leave any feedback here in the comments section, or share your own experiences with article marketing.


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