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This post is very important for Search engine optimizer. So follow this post very carefully and realize these tips and tricks for web marketing and web promotion.I find this article from sitepro news.


This article is not about keyword research so I will not spend too much time on this topic, however, I felt it was important to at least brush on this slightly. If you are interested in reading more, please see Keyword Research for Organic SEO.

Make sure that your targets are achievable. If you select the wrong keywords, it can make your entire optimization experience essentially a waste. Choose keywords that are attainable but yet still provide a reasonable search frequency for your industry. Your phrase selection should also be targeted to bring qualified traffic to your site.

Using the hotel industry as an example, targeting the word “hotel” would make very little sense but by narrowing it down to “Victoria BC hotel” you now have less competition, and a more qualified audience. Keep your targets in perspective and go after the obtainable rankings.



After getting one commenter on my blog to tell me they reached it by searching for a keyword my blog doesn’t even come close to targeting (learn more here), I became intrigued as to how I could abuse utilize these obscure search terms to my advantage.

long tail keywords Take a look at the list of keywords to the left, for example. All of these searches have brought people to my blog, even though some of them don’t really make any sense. I’ve highlighted all of the keywords that I’ve never thought of targeting in a nice yellow brush so you can look at them.

Adrian Bryant? No idea who he is. I know for a fact Blog Badly doesn’t have a chatbox (and probably never will. I shall rue the day I put useless widgets in my sidebar). Combine and magician blog designs and themes? Nope.

I could go on and on explaining the lack of these keywords, but I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Not to imply that you guys are horses or anything.

Acquiring the long tail is harder than just shooting a wild animal and chopping it off. Trying to target more specific niche terms (instead of “Long Tail,” try “Long Tail Search Terms And You – Create Blog Posts With Obscure And Specific Terms Like Pineapples And Skydiving To Get Google Traffic”) should be your main concern if you want to get more long tail visitors.

Post titles in a blog are important for Google – it’s how it first figures out what a certain blog page is about. Making your titles more specific will rank you highly for your terms.

Using specific terms in blog posts can also attract more long tail traffic. Don’t just refer to it as “credit card refinancing” – call it “credit card refinancing for people who have terrible credit but can hop on one leg while spinning in circles and playing the harmonica.” That way, if some person has terrible credit and can hop on one leg while spinning in circles and playing the harmonica, he’ll be able to find your post.

You could also try to write about regional topics by adding locations to your posts.

There are quite a few major benefits of the long tail:

Long tail searchers know exactly what they’re looking for and thus will be more likely to buy.
There’s little competition for long tail search terms. You probably won’t be competing with too many people, although I’ve heard the “refinancing homes for Siberian tigers” niche has some pretty fierce competitors.
You’ll get more visitors. The lack of competition will rank you higher and if for some reason you write a post about “hanggliding off of my house” and it suddenly becomes the new fad, you’ll get mad traffic.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a hold of Google by the long tail and make it do what you want to do. Well, most of the time.

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Social markerThere are literally hundreds of social bookmarking websites out there, but only 83 out of them were listed according to pagerank in my previous post. Like I mentioned previously, social bookmarking could be a powerful tool in promoting your blog to wider readers and getting more backlinks. Having said that, the effect of social bookmarking will generally be significant if your links were submitted to many of them. Yeah, it is a tedious work and time consuming. That’s where socialmarker and socializer come in to help you reduce the effort and time consumed.

By using these 2 free services, they allow you to easily submit a single link that will in turn link to several social bookmarking systems.



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