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Leveraging Your Financial Potential

One of the greatest forms of financial leverage is contacts. Knowing the right people and being known by them can open doors for you that can save you years of hard work. The quality and quantity of your contacts and your relationships will have more to do with your success than perhaps any other factor.

Here are three things you can do to expand your list of contacts. First, make a list of the 25 people you feel it would be most useful for you to get to know. Develop a strategy to get to meet everyone of them over the next 12 months. Then make a list of 25 more.

List the people in charge of the major corporations that would be useful for you to know. List the mayor, list the congressmen, list the senator. List the important people that it would be helpful for you to know and then make a plan to meet them.

Power Networking will help you increase your contacts, expand your influence and build your business faster.

Network at Every Opportunity
Second is for you to network at every opportunity. Join business and trade associations. Attend meetings. Get involved. Volunteer for service on a key committee. This action alone can cut years off your career.

Once, when I was working with the Chamber of Commerce, I came to the attention of a senior executive who hired me away from the company I was working for a year later at triple the salary. Meeting people is very important. Network at every opportunity.

Get Involved in the Community
The third way is to get involved in community service organizations. The best people in every community, the people you should know and who should know you, are usually involved in public service in some way. Start with the United Way in your own city, or get involved in any charity that you care about or that you’re interested in. You’ll be amazed at the quality of people that you’ll meet doing voluntary service.

Unlock Your Creativity
Another form of leverage is creativity. Remember, one new idea is all you need to start a fortune. Everyone has the ability to come up with creative ideas and solutions if they look for them. All great fortunes begin with an idea.

Create Good Work Habits
A powerful form of leverage that can help you is good work habits. Good work habits make an extraordinary difference. In a recent study, 104 chief executive officers all agreed that the ability to set priorities and then to get the job done fast were the two qualities that most readily led to promotion and increases in pay. Good work habits will bring you to the attention of the important people in your life as fast or faster than anything else you can do. In the final analysis, you always get paid for your results. If you develop a reputation for being the person who gets the job done fast, that alone can put you onto the fast track in your career.



Changing your Driving Habits

Brake the right way

1. A car consumes most gas as it accelerates. It’s a simply law of physics (force equals mass times acceleration). A moving car doesn’t require much gasoline to keep moving (due to the inherent inertia). In real life this means, in order to improve your mileage you need to keep the ride smooth. Let me give you some examples.
About 30% of the drivers I see in somewhat heavy traffic apparently cannot control their speed with the accelerator pad alone. Instead I see those guys speed up and slam on the brakes all the time. Obviously, that makes the guy following too close behind very nervous and he too needs to brake and accelerate constantly. In really heavy (but still moving) traffic about 90% of the cars do this. It is relatively easy to hold a speed in a long line of cars without stepping on the brake. Just keep a little bit more distance and try to practice this. If the traffic moves along, you rarely need to brake, unless everything slows down. If you pay attention to the cars ahead of you (not just the one right in front of your nose, but the other cars ahead of that one), you can anticipate when things will slow down and you can ease off the gas. This means you won’t lose all that power to friction (on the brakes) and you can keep your speed without having to accelerate. In heavy traffic this is the most efficient way to save gas and can easily get you 10% – 20% better gas mileage.


I’ve written about my saving strategies before, but I’ve decided to write an updated post in a numbered list format on the various ways that I save money on a day to day basis. This post was inspired by similar posts on FrugalForLife and CashMoneyLife.

Included below are 25 ways that I save money:

  1. I drive with gas efficiency in mind.
  2. I try to save energy around the house with CFL’s, programmable thermostats and proper insulation.
  3. We do laundry once / week.
  4. I brown bag my lunch to work.
  5. I prepare my lunches in bulk and store them in individual plastic/glass containers.

The other 20 tips can be found here…

I was looking around the internet today, trying to find ideas for blog posts, and I was struck my the number of sites telling me how to make money and get rich. It all seemed so complicated. I could invest money in the stock market or the currency markets, I could flip houses or websites, I could even click my way to riches. Some sites would only reveal their secrets if I bought an ebook or a membership to their site. Then there were those that claimed I could get rich by writing an e book, or starting a membership site.

The answer to how to get rich isn’t complicated at all. In fact, it is pretty boring. There are just a few simple steps, and I’ll share them with you right now, for free!

1. Spend less than you earn. Or earn more than you spend. It is common knowledge that people’s spending increases as their income increases. Making more money isn’t going to help you. Unless you have a plan to spend less than you earn you will spend everything you earn, and probably more.

2. Stay away from debt. If you are in debt, get out! I never said it was easy to get rich, I just said it was simple. The simplest way to get out of debt? Quit getting more debt. Pay at least the minimum payment on all your debts. Eventually you will be out of debt. (I didn’t say it was fast, just simple.)