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This list originally started off with 22 common mistakes that new bloggers tend to make. But while writing the list, other mistakes I’d made – and corroborated by other bloggers – came back to memory.

No blogger makes all of these mistakes, of course, but the list serves to help those of you who are still establishing your name in the blogosphere, and to remind you that you’re not alone.

Design, Platform, Architecture, Hosting

  1. No banner/ header graphic. Having a header graphic on your blog gives you a brand, even if it’s simple. Not having one makes a page look odd and makes your site less memorable.
  2. Choosing a poor blogging platform. It’s important to choose the right platform. This will be hotly contested, but I believe the best blogging platform is WordPress. It’s readily available, has literally thousands of free themes, hundreds of plugins, and is available for automatic installation with most popular hosting plans.
  3. Poor blending of ads. I’ve seen evidence that even a targeted article in a high-CPC niche getting 3,000+ pageviews in a single day is no guarantee of getting high ad clicks. Especially if the ads on the page are poorly placed and/or not color-blended into the theme. (Keep in mind, too, that with some ad networks, high pageviews and no clicks reduces the CPC of those ads on your other sites – if you have others.)
  4. Poor hosting. Good content and poor hosting makes for negative results if you become popular. Think Digg effect: if someone submits your content to a popular voting site and the story goes popular, expect your site to crash if your hosting sucks.
  5. Using a really bad theme. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there are some truly bad themes out there. Having a nice theme has a psychological effect on visitors and increases the quality of your blog – at least in a perceived sense.
  6. Cluttered themes. Keep your theme at least semi-attractive and uncluttered enough that it’s easy to find things – such feed subscription buttons.
  7. Not emphasizing your best content. Do what you have to highlight your best articles, including plugins to show the most popular posts, those with the most comments, links to similar posts, lists of recent posts, etc.

Of course, design isn’t everything. You’ve heard the saying “content is king”…

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